Why KeyGiveaway?

In our experience, people have extra keys and like to give them away or "drop" them on Steam groups, Reddit, and other various sites. The problem is, there are also bots being written to automatically grab keys and, using AutoHotKey scripts, enter the key into their Steam client and register the game. This makes it difficult to compete as a human just trying to get some new games to play. Have your head in the sand and don't believe bots are possible? Take a look at this.

We take a different approach. We provide a simple platform that has strategies for avoiding bots and automated systems. It uses many of the techniques the community already has in place.

What is it?

We allow you to drop keys and provide the following features:

  • Create public or private key drops. Private drops are only accessible via the URL, which you control and share as you like.
  • Keys are securely encrypted using bcrypt and the Blowfish cipher.
  • Keys are generated as image data with shadows, imperfect fonts, and image noise to make bot scraping more difficult.
  • Keys are displayed with question mark placeholders for certain characters in the key and clues to the missing character are automatically generated.

Do you make money?

This is a project created by me, a fellow gamer and also a web developer. I created, host, and maintain this site as one of my many ways of giving back to the community. I don't do it for money and only have non-invasive advertising as a way to hopefully, someday, be able to at least cover the hosting costs.

How can I help?

  • Join the KeyGiveaway Steam group to provide feature suggestions and ideas. You can view the discussion here.
  • On the front page you can use the Amazon link when looking for game deals, and any purchases will help towards hosting costs. You can also donate via PayPal there.
  • Tell your friends!